The African  Society for Regional Anesthesia  (AFSRA) is dedicated to improving African patient care by advancing the science and practice of Regional Anesthesia. Founded in 2010, AFSRA is an interdisciplinary organization whose members are involved in the provision of Regional Anesthesia.

AFSRA Mission & Vision:

Mission: to encourage and promote excellence in Regional Anesthesia education, research and practice.

Vision: AFSRA envisions an environment, in which every patient receives safe, efficacious, and high quality patient care.

AFSRA Leadership

Dr.Ezzat Samy Aziz , Egypt, President AFSRA
Dr.Milton Raffs , South Africa, Vice President AFSRA
Dr.Yehia Khater , Egypt, Secretary AFSRA
Dr.Nesrine El-Refai ,  Treasurer AFSRA

Founding Members:

Dr.Ezzat Samy Aziz , Egypt
Dr.Milton Raffs , South Africa
Dr.Yehia Khater , Egypt
Dr.Nesrine El-Refai , Egypt

Dr. David Oteino, Kenya
Dr. Khaled El-Borolossy, Egypt
Dr. Sabry Barsoum, USA
Dr. Amany Ezzat , Egypt
Dr. Nabil Askalany, Egypt
Dr. Hesham Khedr, Egypt
Dr. Maha Hana , Egypt
Dr. Hosam Abdel Rahman, Egypt
Dr. Ahmed Al-Attar, Egypt
Dr. Ahmed Abdel-Razek , Egypt
Dr. Mohamed Ismail, Egypt

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