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AFSRA Committees

Our Committees provide the main source of support, expertise and guidance for the AFSRA's programmes and activities.

AFSRA Scientific Committee

  • Chairman

    Prof. Dr. Ahmed Abd El-Razak, DA(UK), FFARCS, MD

    Prof of Anesthesia and Pain Management at Monofeya University, Queens group maternity hospitals , and tertiary referral private Nozha Int Hospital. Formerly Consultant and Chairman of Anesthesia Department at Dar Al-Fouad private tertiary referral hospital for (1999 - 2016).

    My current interests include cardiovascular , maternity, pediatrics and different techniques of regional nerve blocks. Being a member and head of the scientific committee in AFSRA , I’m looking forward for better and more global meetings and scientific activities.

  • Vice Chairman

    Prof. Dr. Mohamed Ismail Abdelfattah Elsaidi, MD

    Director of surgical intensive care unit-Demerdash Hospital-ASU, Secretary of Egyptian society of intensive care and trauma

    Areas of interests: Regional anesthesia, Obstetric anesthesia, Neurocritical care, Neuroanesthesia, and Surgical intensive care


AFSRA offers members the education, research and practice tools they need to serve their patients and their profession